Sometimes, we may have to move to other parts of the country, or even the neighboring country because of a new job or any other reason. You may not have someone at that new part that you can live with for a short while you search for the apartment. You may not have money to pay hotel bills for many nights, which means that you have to get a new apartment before you travel.

Getting an apartment that you will fancy is not an easy feat at all, and when it is a long distance apartment search, it becomes a lot harder. Below are things you can do to greatly reduce the stress that you will encounter while you make the long-distance search.

Find Out About The Area And Building Before You Commit

Getting to know that an apartment is vacant and you can lease it, is merely the beginning. In your bid to ensure your next apartment search is on the right path, you have to find out everything you can about the area and the building. Is the area safe for you to rent an apartment? Will you like it there? These and more have to be asked and answered.
You will have to find if the building has the right number of bathrooms or bedroom. Is that apartment in the new area close to your new place of employment? Is it close to a school if you have kids? These questions and more have to be answered on your next apartment search.

Imagine how much you barely know about the town next to you, then imagine how clueless you may be about the region you are moving away, that is the other side of the country. While searching for your next apartment, it is of great importance that you do the following:
Learn about the landlord, building, as well as the management company:
You see Google, it does wonder, especially when you are going on your next apartment search. You can view Better Business Bureau, or anywhere that you will see reviews of apartment buildings. If you are confused about where to search, check nextapartmentsearch.com listings, and you will see reviews from old and existing tenants. Before you jump into leasing an apartment, you have to know if the landlord is good. What about the management company?

Look For Trends in The Reviews

Imagine you are staring at a listing of buildings in Next Apartment Search, and you find the one you like. You scroll down to see the reviews and see that a sole person’s review is bad out of scores of good reviews. There is a great chance that the sole bad review was written out of envy by the former tenant, or the former tenant was a pain to everyone in that building and needed to be let go. If you look at a set of reviews on a listing, and you notice that almost all are bad, it is important that you consider continuing your apartment search.

Try and make find out its distance from important destinations

You should be asking yourself, ‘How far is the apartment from your workplace?’ ‘Is it close to your children’s school?’ What of the closest grocery store? Gas station? Is there a park where you can take a jog? Will you be able to walk because of its proximity? No one likes a long drive.

Search During the Right Time

There are some places that have different timelines for renting. There is a time that renting and searching for apartments in towns like college towns; tourist towns are very high. If you don’t get the timing right, you may rarely get a building, whether bad or not. Get the timeline right, and milk the fats of the land.

Get A Local To Look At The House Or Visit In Person

If you have found a building you want to rent a Houston apartment in or whatever place it may be in, it is important that you check out the area by yourself or you send a local.
You can get a local by looking into your social circles. A friend may know someone who lives there. Have the person snap pictures, make videos of the apartment and the area. This is to ensure that you don’t end up in a cesspool.
If you can’t go in person or get a local, you can request for help from your new employers. They will give you contact to employees there.

Be ready to act

After finding the building, and you have to travel down to see it yourself, you should note that you don’t have all the time in the world. When you go down to see that apartment in Houston, or wherever you are looking for an apartment, it is important that you be prepared to have the lease signed immediately you see the building, and you like it. Let’s say that apartment search in Houston, or wherever your new place is, you may easily lose out on a sweet deal if you procrastinate.

Your Houston apartment search may just be a waste if you waste your time, instead of swinging into action.

This means that as you are coming down, you should come bearing the right documentation like Passport, Driver’s license or any government issued ID card,
Checkbook- if you have to make a deposit,
A utility bill that shows your recent address,
Bank statements- either in electronic or paper form,
Social security card,
Employer’s letter.

Have A Virtual Tour Taken

As every day goes by, there are new technologies that seem to be taking the world by storm. Your apartment search can be made easier, even when it is in a far location from where you stay. The number of rental agencies and apartment owners that use video walkthroughs, photos, VR, degree imagery apartment tours are on the rise. With your smartphone or computer, you can easily view how your future apartment looks like.

An Houston Apartment Locator at NextApartmentSearch.com can help you find a desirable apartment in a location you want.

Apartment Plants for a Beautiful and Healthier Environment

Having plants in apartments is a healthier way of beautifying one’s home, apart from the wall art and accent pillows. Having the right plant to do the job is often difficult but important. According to NASA having plants in the apartment remove toxins in the air up to 87 percent in 24 hours.

Most people usually have a hibiscus plant or a peace lily in their homes. Beautiful as they are, they are probably not the best there is. For something healthier, beautiful and a little bit out the ordinary, take a look at some of these beauties.


The snake plant is also known as the Sanseveria or Mother in Law Tongue is a must have a houseplant. It is one of the toughest plants you can have in your apartment, garden or balcony. The plant has long leaves with a sharp point at the tip; they are also strong with a bold look. They emit a large amount of oxygen and filter nitrogen and formaldehyde out of the environment, so they kept in the bedroom preferably, but they also stand out everywhere in the home. Caring for them is quite easy, all that is required is watering every 2-6 weeks depending on the temperature, and they need to be kept out of the sun directly because they will burn. A fast and well-draining soil with an organic all-purpose soil is required for the snake plant to grow properly.


Aloe Vera is from the Arabian Peninsula, but it can grow in tropical climates in the world. It is a succulent plant, and it is used for decoration, medicinal and agricultural purposes. The plant is very short with a height of 60 to 100 cm. It also has thick, green and fleshy leaves. Aloe Vera flowers mostly grow in the summer with a height of 90 cm. Aloe Vera is mostly used in skin lotions, cosmetics, ointments for skin burns and beverages. Aloe Vera is also used in making laxatives and as a moisturizer and anti-irritant for removing chaffs in the nose. What makes Aloe Vera unique is that it is easy to care for and can be kept anywhere in the home.


Having bamboo indoors brings warmth and beauty into the home, but you should know it requires a lot of sunlight for proper growth, so it is preferable to keep in the part of the home where there is enough sunlight. The height of a bamboo palm varies from 4 to 12 feet with a span of 3 to 5 feet. They have the ability to grow into a tropical flair, and they tend to filter air in the home. Bamboo palm has over 100 species to choose from. Some of them have smaller
leaflets or fused leaflets. Bamboo palms are easy to care for and requires no special skills to grow


Ficus is a beautiful addition to homes and offices. It is from the Moracease family which has over 850 species, ranging from woody trees, shrubs, vines, epiphytes, and Hemi epiphytes. They are known as figs or fig trees, and they thrive mostly in the tropics and semi-warm temperate region of the world. The fruits of the Ficus are edible mostly eaten by wildlife. Ficus is very important to people in the tropics, either used as an object of worship most times or for decorations. The Ficus thrive more in sunlight, and it also filters the air in the apartment removing pollutants like benzene and carbon dioxide while increasing oxygen supply. It is very easy to care for and bring style to its surroundings. The woods of the Ficus is very soft and produces latex that is used for various purposes. It is important to note that the Ficus is, in fact, one of the largest genera of flowering plants. The Ficus also is known as the weeping fig is the official tree of Bangkok and is found in different parts of the world. It can grow up to 98 feet having a leaf size of about 6 to 13 cm; the leaves are oval in shape with an acuminate edge. The beauty the Ficus provides is the reason it is found in homes.


The spider plant known as the airplane plant is one of the species of perennial flowering plant. It is mostly found in the tropical parts of the world. It is very easy to grow and care for, that is why it is found in the home. The spider plant can grow up to a height 60 cm having a tuberous root. The flowers which can grow up to 75 cm and then bends downward, adds to the beauty of the plant. Spider plants can grow at a temperature of about 65 to 90 degree Fahrenheit, and it can be killed by high fluoride and boron levels. Spider plants also remove pollutant like formaldehyde from the air.


This beautiful plant has multicolored foliage, and it survives under sunlight and low water supply, making it difficult to kill. It also aids in cleaning the air by supplying enough oxygen to the atmosphere. The Golden Pothos is one of the most popular houseplants in the world, and it is mostly found in the temperate region. The plant is also called devil’s vine or devil’s ivy because it cannot be killed easily. The plant can grow up to 400 m tall and 4 cm in diameter. It also has an alternate heart-shaped leave which 100 cm long and 45 cm broad. It is most times use in decorative in offices, shopping centers, homes, and other public places because it can easily be cared for. The plant can also be used in aquariums by growing it on top of the water and allowed to grow.
If you have an apartment plant in the first place but do not know how to care for them, look no further because you are in the right place. Turn over to 5 ways to save your indoor plants.

Houseplants are meant to beautify apartments, but they can’t help you do not if your apartment is a mess. Find the right Houston apartment instantly by turning over to nextapartmentsearch.com. There you can find beautiful Houston apartments fitting your needs base on your environment, funds, and many more factors.

Houston Neighborhoods for Singles

Top Houston Neighborhoods for Singles

If you are here, there is a great chance that you are looking for your next apartment in Houston. You are in great luck as >NextApartmentSearch has been in the business of helping people get the right Houston apartments for them. The Houston apartment downtown search is made easy as you can type in the location you want a house in the Houston Apartment Locator, and voila, a list of houses that will meet your taste, and budget will pop out.

If you want a rent a Houston apartment, you don’t have to head from part of Houston to the other, looking for apartments, and coming up empty. NextApartmentSearch.com offers you the opportunity to get the list of apartments that can be leased and put you in contact with the rental agency or the landlords.

In the case of home buying in Houston, there are homes of different kinds and worth that can be bought. Instead of hightailing it from a part of Houston to another part, you can easily have access to a list of homes that are on the market by using the Houston Apartment Locator.

To use it, all you need to put in the location of the apartment that you want, and voila, all the homes that are available for sale will be listed out.

As a single person, you may want to live in a part of Houston that will be conducive for you. You may not want to come out to your terrace, and see kids, throwing stones there. You may want an apartment building that will not have kids running down the stairs or shrieking at odd hours.

The truth will remain that, in some conservative neighborhoods, those that are single are given the side eyes and demeaning stares. No one wants that; hence you may want a neighborhood that you can live your life the way you want.

Below are great neighborhoods for single persons that want to live in Houston.

1. Montrose

When going on your next apartment search as a single person in Houston, you should consider Montrose.
As a single person, you may want quietness, a place, where you can easily take walks, and maybe bump into an interesting person. Before one can say, ‘Jack Robinson,’ the love affair has blossomed to the extent that both of you can’t do without each other.

Montrose is the perfect place to meet one’s lover, as opposed to other parts.
There is an area in Montrose that is loved by a lot of people both single and married; it is Lower Westheimer.
This area has the best of every world, as you can promenade the street, taking in the intriguing view.
Want to dine in the best restaurants that Houston has to offer? Lower Westheimer can offer this, with its state of the art restaurants that can leave one’s taste buds satisfied. One of the many is Max’s Wine Dive and Snooze.
Want a cup of coffee of any type that will hit your palate and your brain? Blacksmith will leave you rejuvenated and satisfied.
At night, the world becomes clearer, and you can party all night at one of the finest bars around. When you meet your boo, you can decide to experience any of the following.
The fun part of this neighborhood is that finding any type of apartment is possible. Whatever type of home can be found in Montrose, Houston. It could be normal bungalows, the eccentric types to even high-rise homes.

2. Museum District

This may sound like a scene from a romantic comedy, what if we told you it can replay in real life and has replayed in a lot of people’s lives?

Imagine, strolling through a museum, admiring different pieces of heart. Your heart swells with glee, as your eyes are fed with the intriguing art pieces. You decide to stop at a piece, totally absorbed by it. At that moment, you barely know that someone else is next to you engrossed by the same piece. When you bump into each other, both of you start laughing. It heralds a beginning of your romantic story.

Museum Park and the beautiful Museum in it has brought a lot of romantic affairs together that blossomed into something divine. This neighborhood is loved by a lot of singles, taking the form of a neighborhood linked with romance.
Throughout the year, Museum Park, Houston boasts of festivals, with a myriad of art galleries and museums.
Where did you think it got its name from?
It has great proximity to Texas Medical Center and Rice University. Wouldn’t you term the area a great place to play, work and live?

3. Midtown

Midtown tick all the boxes of having intriguing activities that would interest a single person. The place is lively, with gorgeous apartments of numerous kinds.
Whatever modern apartment that you can ever find is found in this area. Is that all? No!
Midtown is filled with a lot of young professionals from all walks of life, meaning that you can easily meet up the perfect Romeo or Juliet, with the right job or financial status. Its live music is one intriguing aspect of Midtown that a lot of people, as well as its tasty restaurants that are capable of giving one’s taste buds the time of their lives.
Want a place for a perfect date night? Midtown will offer you numerous places. This area is known as one of the most popular places in Houston because it is close to downtown, and the intriguing and top notch Midtown Park, which houses both a dog park and playground.
One would think that an interesting and loving place like Midtown will break the bank when rent is concerned, but on the other hand, it doesn’t. Give it a try.

Upper Kirby

A decade ago, Upper Kirby may not have been noticed, but times have changed. This area is a very trendy place and has gotten its groove on because of massive redevelopment effort undergone by the multi-use West Ave.

When it comes to great meals, you can access them in Upper Kirby. Getting an apartment in Upper Kirby, Houston with the NextApartmentSearch’s Apartment Locator can get you a great apartment that lets you have access to great meals in intriguing eateries like Oporto Cafe. While there, you may be lucky, your lover may be hanging behind a table, eating alone.

Apartment Renters Insurance


Most times landlord’s insurance do not cover for the properties in the apartments but just the building itself. This means your precious items in your apartment such as your television, guitar, computers, fridge and other valuables are not covered, so they get lost, damaged or even stolen you will not be compensated for them. According to statistics, over 40 million renters have no insurance package for the items in them, so if anything bad happens to such apartments, such items are lost forever and will not be replaced. The good news is that such a situation can be avoided for a cost less than that of your monthly pizza every night. So what are you waiting for, hurry up now and insure your belongings in order to avoid financial consequences. Below are more reasons why renter’s insurance is necessary.

1. Your landlord’s policy does not cover your personal property. Most times tenant assume that the buildings insurance covers their property in the event of flood, fire, power outage that destroys properties or burglary. They only find out the landlord’s insurance only covers the building when such disasters mentioned earlier strikes. This is where renter’s insurance comes into play, having a renter’s insurance protects you against property loss when disasters take place by providing you with the cash to replace such properties. The only way a landlord will pay for a tenant’s property loss is when the disasters leading to such loss is caused by him. You can check your lease for a clause that discusses the personal property. So having a renter’s insurance policy saves you the stress of battling with your landlord over damaged properties but gives you a free pathway to recovering damaged ones when disasters strike.

2. You need liability protection.

As a tenant, you are completing responsible for the accidents in your apartment even when it happens to your guest or neighbors. For example, when an injury happens to an individual in your apartment, the person may seek compensation from you. Also if your pet may be your dog bites anyone in your apartment you may get a lawsuit for that. This rule applies to all household accidents, such as overflowing tubs that send water flowing to a neighbor’s personal belonging and other mishaps. Renters insurance provides amazing protection against such accidents. Having a renter’s insurance is a good way to save you for paying for damages cost your pets, or accidents in your neighbor’s apartment that is cost by you. These policies do not just replace damaged items but gives you rest of mind and make you feel relax when you are out of your apartment.


Renters insurance are budget-friendly and inexpensive thus premiums price does differ, the policies cost is very low making it fit a tight budget. As a way if encouraging renter’s insurance, such policies are made based on the number of your personal possessions and the type of risks you may face. For example, if you are not paying for flood insurance, the amount paid you will be less than those paying for flood insurance. Again to encourage renter’s insurance, people are advised go for higher deductibles which leads to a lower premium fee. This strategy might seem nice, and people often go for it, but you should have in mind that in an event of a claim you will be made to pay the deductibles. Take an example; if you experience a loss of $5000 and only have $500 deductible, you will be forced to pay that $500 out of your pocket. It is then advisable to go for a higher premium if it will be difficult to pay such huge amount after a claim has been made. When you consider the amount paid for renter’s insurance and the services it provides, you will not take a second thought in choosing renter’s insurance. This is because the gain renter’s insurance provides is greater than the amount being paid.


When an accidents strike and all your properties are damaged, renter’s insurance plays a big role in helping you recovered from such a loss. Not having a renter’s insurance may make you replace such items yourself, this might not seem to be a big deal until when you are buying those stuff lost are again. It will actually cost more, but having renter’s insurance will save you a lot of money. Even if you have an old model TV or a second-hand fridge, renter’s insurance will still cover for such loss, replacing them with the new brand. This is one of the most amazing reasons why people purchase renter’s insurance. Another important thing you must do is keeping the documents of all your properties in the apartment. This helps you to make a bold claim to your insurance company, often people forget to do this, and they may suffer a loss after battling with the insurance company. It therefore advisable to keep records of properties in your apartment after having them insured, this may lead to a swift replacement of damaged properties.


Some renter’s insurance company may pay you the actual cash after a claim has been made and agreed upon. This means that the insurance company will the total amount your properties worth at the time it was damaged, stolen or lost. Properties value may reduce over a period of time; this will then leave you at a loss when replacing your properties with the new brand. In contrast, replacement value or replacement cost policies pay you the actual amount it will cost to replaced damaged properties at the current price. This is another awesome reason you should go with renter’s insurance anytime because the benefits it provides is far better than any other option you can find. Landlords around the globe often advise tenants to have renter’s insurance policy; this shows that it can be trusted to help you out when disasters strike.

A Apartment Locator at nextapartmentsearch.com will help you find your next Houston Apartments and also give you advice on Renters Insurance.

Best Food Delivery Apps When Hungry at Home

Imagine being stuck at home in your pajamas with nothing to eat in your fridge. The good news is that you no longer get to go for pizza delivery services only. You can get food delivered to you at home with just some app clicks and in record time. If you have not begun to explore a wide range of cuisines offered by delivery apps, then you’re missing a lot.
As much as these food delivery apps limit human contact, they provide more opportunities to explore new outlets and foods. All you have to do is just punch in your location to see numerous restaurants near your home that you can patronize without having to leave your bed. At Nextapartmentsearch.com, we have put together premium food delivery apps for you to get the best of cuisines straight to your house.

This app has a name that truly fits its service. The app provides you with various menus from restaurants numbering in thousands plus you get in-app discounts, forfeited delivery fees, and also lets you place an order using just some taps. Seamless is present in over 600 US cities. You do not have to pay a fee to make use of this app, but sometimes, you’ll find order minimums.

All you have to do is key in your location to let this app show you every restaurant in your locality. You can run searches by cuisine or by an item which lessens the hassle of finding your choice meal. With GrubHub, it is possible for you to save your delivery locations to quicken the process of ordering. You will find GrubHub in over 900 US cities. You don’t have to pay a fee to use the app but few restaurants have a limited order amount candy could charge fees for delivery.

Although this app does not have the same outreach as the likes of GrubHub, it also comes with unique features like a scoring system called DoorDash Delight. This system makes use of things like the quality of food, the popularity of the restaurant, the delivery time, as well as, your satisfaction to make recommendations about the best restaurant for you. DoorDash serves dozens of cities which include Atlanta, Seattle, NY, Chicago, and more. Fees are dependent on the restaurant, and prices comprise the food cost, tax, delivery fees, and also a tip which is optional. You may also pay additional service fees for some restaurant.

A lot of people who have dealt with Uber in the past as a safe driving service will easily trust UberEats to deliver them sandwiches. UberEats is a delivery app which is available in cities like Amsterdam, Austin, and in places like Singapore, Portland, Baltimore, and more all over the globe. The UberEats application shares similarities with the Uber app in terms of delivery time and transactions. You will be charged $5 as a delivery fee when you use the app.

This app is kind of different from the regular food delivery apps mentioned above. With Postmates, you don’t just get only food. Postmates can pick up virtually anything and have it delivered to your doorstep, even if it is alcohol. Postmates does not partner with any restaurant, and the only factor which limits you is your location. The app is available in over 90 US cities. Whenever you make an order, you pay a fee, and when delivery times are at their peak, you may get additional pricing fees. You can also get unlimited services monthly for $10 when you make orders in excess of $25.

This is another delivery app which is not just all about menus. As well as ordering food, you can get groceries, wine, and even have your laundry done with Delivery.com. The app will not charge you for having its service but will make their own money by collection a percentage from your subtotal. Delivery.com is available in major US cities. While its app is free, you may get charged by restaurants a fee for delivery and also find that there is an order minimum.

Yelp Eat 24 offers the best review systems. Although all delivery services basically have a way of rating for customers, Yelp Eat 24 has a more robust system. Yelp is founded on many years of reviewing restaurants and may have an edge in the delivery apps competition. If you’ve ever trusted the reviews on Yelp when choosing a restaurant, you can as well trust Yelp to deliver food to you. Yelp is available in over 1500 US cities. Using the Yelp app is free, but restaurants could charge you a fee for delivery, and we as offer a minimum on orders.

One advantage of making use of delivery food apps is that you can conduct cashless transactions. Some of these apps let you make payments using credit cards, as well as, PayPal and more. However, Foodler also accepts payments in cryptocurrency and also Foodler Bucks. You can also get to access a rewards program that is built into the app to enable you to earn some free food. Foodler serves over 4000 United States cities. You do not have to pay to use the app, but restaurants could bill you for delivery.

goPuff can be likened to a virtual convenience store, unlike other food delivery apps which seem to operate like middlemen. With goPuff, you can get even chargers, tissue for the bathroom, beverages, vaporizers, and more. Simply go through its rich database to see all the items in its collection. goPuff presently serves cities like Philadelphia, NY, Washington, Chicago, Denver, and many locations in the US. goPuff is looking to expand its services soon. You do not have to pay to use this application, but you will be charged a $2 delivery fee if you reside in their 30-minute delivery zone. You will get free deliveries for orders above $49.

Houston has many options for food choices. Houston has anywhere between 11,000 and 13,000 restaurants open for business at any given time in and around Houston and the immediate Houston suburbs. Let nextapartmentsearch.com help you find your next Houston apartment.

Why Live in Houston!!

Houston is known to have one of the growing and diverse populations, and people around the world relocate to Houston every year to take advantage of the Plenty opportunities that Houston has to offer.

In case you are still contemplating about living in Houston, because you are not sure Houston is a hot cake like you read, we have come up with some reasons why you should live.

Tips Reasons Why You Should Live In Houston

• Cost Of Living

People living in Houston wake up to enjoy the perks of living in a big city without actually paying for it with a heavy price tag. Among the twenty most populous metropolitan areas in the nation, Houston was ranked as the fifth city with the lowest cost of living.

• Housing

This is another major benefit people derive from living in Houston. Apartments in Houston are diverse and also affordable, there is a wide variety of housing options for everyone, and the best of it all is the right price that comes with the Houston apartments.

Houston’s overall taxes are also twenty-three percent lower than the average taxes collected in large urban areas, and this is largely because of the affordable housing costs in Houston.

Also, trying to figure out where to live in Houston is quite easy. There are lots of places to choose from, it all depends on your taste.

Best Houston Neighborhoods:

– Midtown/Heights: this Houston neighborhood is the best choice for you if you are the type that loves going out to a pub or an eclectic wine bar after a long day at work.

– Cypress: this is actually one of the hottest areas in Houston at the moment. There are many new developments, beautiful trees, and it also houses one of the best-ranked school districts in Texas.

– East Downtown: this neighborhood is very urban, but it used to be filled with Vietnamese and Chinese immigrants who have now resettled to another place now. Leaving many buildings and businesses vacant. However, some savvy developers are now revitalizing the neighborhood now.

– Katy: This area has one of the most affordable housing in Houston. It is home to nearly 16,000 people, and more people continue to discover the area every day, and more restaurants and entertainment are being built. So, grab your own opportunity before the area becomes over saturated.

– Other popular areas in Houston are; Atascocita, Baytown, Bellaire, Channelview, Clear Lake, downtown Houston, Montrose, Pearland, Spring, and many more.
No matter what your wallet looks like, there is always an apartment for rent in Houston for you.

• You Can Buy a House with a Modest Income

Houston is so large, so it has many options to offer when it comes to buying apartments in Houston. With the help of an expert and experienced realtor, you will find an apartment in Houston based on your budget.

• The Job Market in Houston Is Booming

The job market in Houston has been rapidly expanding over the last decade, and this has gotten many heads turned into the direction of the city. Houston also has loose zoning laws, so many people and businesses find it easy to open different shops, offices, and branches across Houston. This is apparently the reason many leading companies in the nation have their headquarters situated in Houston.

• There Are Tons of Things to Do In Houston

Life in Houston is a perfect blend of the old Texas traditions and a modern city lifestyle. Which makes Houston a great place to live because there are various places you can go to, and many things to see that you probably won’t find in other cities.

Event for All Ages

• Museum District: you won’t need a car before you can navigate easily around the museum. You can walk up to different sections and check out different unique things at the museum.

• Theater District: This particular lifestyle section has been revitalized many times over the past years. It provides the residents easy access to incredible and wonderful shows.

• The Galleria: if you do not think a mall can be a fun place or an attraction, the Galleria in Houston will prove you wrong. This Galleria welcomes more than 30 million visitors every year, and it has over 400 stores and restaurants, so there is much to do.

• Underground Tunnel Tour: Houston does not have a large subway system, but it houses the largest pedestrian tunnel in the world. So you can take a tour and enjoy the beautiful view of these pedestrian tunnels, and how they came to be.

Kids and Adult Activities

• Houston Zoo: this zoo has over 6,000 animals and insects that are kept permanently on display for people to see. So there is a lot for the kids to see!

• Downtown Aquarium: underwater adventure and different fishes are not the only things present in this aquarium. The kids get to see the Houston skyline from their awesome Ferris wheel and also visit the white tiger exhibit.

There are many more things to enjoy in Houston, but only a few can be discussed here, nothing can match experiencing them yourself.

• Healthcare
When one of the family needs good healthcare, there is no better place to get that than in Houston. The metro area in Houston has always been known for its top-notch health system, and many Houston area hospitals have been consistently ranked among the nation’s top hospitals.

An example is The Texas Medical center which is ranked the best medical center in the world.

• Restaurants

Houston offers a wide range of restaurants that offer different foods and dishes that can satisfy even the picky eaters. With over 10,000 restaurants and over 60 cuisines, Houston’s world-class restaurants offer the best.

• Sports and other activities.

Top Sports in the Houston Area:

Houston Astros
Houston Texans
Houston Dynamo

Houston is widely known as a sports town. If you have never experienced Houston’s outdoor rodeo, then make sure you check out The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo that takes place every spring. It is one of the largest in the globe!

Begin your new Houston apartment search here at nextapartmentsearch.com. Find the best Houston apartment location with us.

Buying a Home In Houston, TX

If you are a first time home buyer in Houston, the search for home or apartment in Houston can be both an exciting and stressful process at the same time. As a first time home buyer, you will find it difficult to know what to expect when buying a home in Houston, but those issues can be resolved if you do financial prep work, and thorough research before you start your Houston home and apartment search.

From the moment you considered buying an home in Houston, to the moment you will eventually close the deal might actually take longer than you expected. So we hope to help you not to waste time with our tips below.

Tips For Buying A Home In Houston

First of all, you need to know that Houston continues to be ranked as one of the healthiest and growing housing market in the country, despite all the falling oil prices.

• Be Clear About the Home You Want
You need to be clear and sure about the type of home you want first. Do you want a townhouse or single family in Houston, or a 2 bedroom apartment, or a condo?
Are you the type of person that values privacy a lot? Do you only to limit your Houston home search within a distance to your job or some services you use regularly?

It is important to be clear about all these things, and other things before you even start anything. This will make your Houston home search easier because your realtor to even narrow down the search, and only show you homes that are within your criteria so you won’t have any trouble choosing one.

• Choose the House You Know You Can Afford

Be honest with yourself about what you can truly afford, and what you can not afford. If you spend more than you can afford on your mortgage, you may not be able to afford the daily needs like feeding, or you may not be able to save for the future too. Apart from the mortgage, you need to take the principal, the interest, and the taxes into consideration during your Houston home search.

• Start Saving For Your Down Payment

Although you might have plans to buy an home in Houston in six months time, and not immediately. The reality is that irrespective of the time you plan to make the purchase of the apartment, you should start saving for a down payment NOW!
This is because most realtors will tell you that you have to pay at least a down payment of 20% before you can secure the home. Most people are usually unable to get this kind of money quickly, so they end up losing the home they love so much.
Yes, there are a lot of home buying programs out there today that will allow you to make a down payment as low as 4%, but paying a little down payment for Houston home means your monthly costs will be increased since you will have have to pay for mortgage insurance.

• Research about The Programs That Exist For First Time Home Buyers In Houston

There are many first time programs and grants that are made available for first time home buyers in Houston. These programs and grants can offer you financial help, and they can render some other type of assistance too. However, when you are choosing the one you think is best for you, it is important to know that all the programs and grants come with different benefits and requirements. There are programs made available for first time home buyers that do not have a good credit history too. So all you have to do is to just search for the best one that suits your condition.

• Keep the Major Purchases On Hold For Now

When you are planning to purchase Houston apartments, you have to put every other major purchase that can have an effect on your credit card on hold. Especially when the major purchase can change the amount, your lender wants to loan you.
For instance, let’s say you plan to lease a new car before you purchase your apartment, or you plan to buy expensive equipment that you want to use in the new apartment. The truth is, you need to delay these purchases for some time first because leasing new purchases before your apartment purchase will increase your Debt-To-Income Ratio. Which means you will have difficulty getting qualified for a mortgage loan.
However, if the major purchase is highly important and can not be avoided or put on hold, then ensure you talk to your lending officer about the purchase before you go ahead with it.

• You Must Save Money for The Closing Costs

One of the biggest mistakes most people make when buying Houston apartments is not budgeting for the closing costs.

What are closing costs?
These are some other expenses apart from the money you will use to purchase the apartment. They are; home inspection costs, title searches, and expenses for homeowner’s insurance. Yes, some people usually ask the seller to pay for the closing costs in some cases. However, you should reserve at least 5% of your loan or money saved for these closing costs, just in case the seller is not able to pay them.

Also, apart from saving money for the closing costs, you should also reserve or save money for some other expenses you will make when you move into the home. Like the cost of painting, fixtures, new furnishings, appliances, and some other personal things you might be interested in doing when you move into the apartment.

• Choose a Trusted Realtor and Loan officer

Using a realtor and loan officer that is trusted, and also highly experienced can make a big difference in your home buying experience. Choosing an expert realtor with good negotiating skills will make your Houston apartment buying process as smooth as possible.

Finally, remember that the more knowledgeable you are about the process, the less stressful it will be. So don’t hesitate to ask your realtor questions, and also talk to people you trust too.

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Home Décor Furnishing Stores

Our Favorite Home Décor Furnishing Stores

If you have some additional money from the Christmas spending, you may consider adding some extra touch to your apartment. It doesn’t have to be a large renovation, it can be a small piece of decor, and you will notice the wonders it will do to your building.
It could be a new wall art that you will hang in your sitting room, or it could be some new and fancy throw pillows for the couch. Whatever it may be, it doesn’t have to be large before you get it done.
Houston boasts of a lot of home decor stores. No wonder Houston is a great place for your next apartment search. You can also patronize online stores if you wish.

One home decor store that seems to outshine the rest is HomeGoods. It has numerous locations all over Houston, TX.
Weekly, HomeGoods ensures its multiple stores are fitted with new arrivals. Whatever you need to update any part of your house be it the bedroom, sitting room, kitchen, bathroom, play den, and so on, you can find them here.
Try their specialty coffee selection, and you will be left smiling with glee.

Will the list be complete if we don’t add Target? They have a lot of home décor lines that will leave your home looking like it walked out of a magazine. The great part is that it doesn’t cost a lot to buy anything from there.
Not only do you buy home decor items there, but you can also procure groceries at once. Killing two birds with a stone.

Wayfair (online: www.wayfair.com)
Try Wayfair, and you will be satisfied, as this is a great place you can find a lot of furniture pieces of amazing quality. The good aspects are shipping is done quickly, and it doesn’t cost a lot. You will get the furniture immediately and is great if you just got a new apartment.

It could be coffee tables, headboards, bar stools, or whatever piece of furniture you need.

Pottery Barn (Multiple Locations in Houston, TX)
This is a bit expensive, but with intriguing home decor items, and getting a lot of Christmas sales is possible.

If you have found a new apartment, it is time to move in, and add the touches you have always wanted in your home. You may have to touch-up on the paint to the shade that you want, and get other decors fitted in your apartment. Some apartments guarantee their new tenants, a new touch of paint, while others do not. Some come with renovations in some aspects of the house. You will have to ask the landlord before signing the lease.

Don’t carry out a major renovation, without asking your landlord. If you want a chimney, you may have to ask your landlord, if it is not a mobile fireplace. If it is a mobile one that doesn’t involve you tearing down a wall, you can have it done without asking the landlord. Don’t tear down a wall without asking the landlord. It may cost you a lot.

Things to Ask on an Apartment Showing

5 Things to Ask on an Apartment Showing

Getting your next apartment is not easy, as you have to undergo a lot of searching all over town. Imagine you have to look for a Houston apartment, you will be faced with a lot of places in Houston to look for. Times have changed, and technology has gotten better. Instead of spending long hours, hightailing it to different parts of Houston in search of an apartment, you can always make use of a Houston Apartment Locator in your next apartment search. This will save you a lot of stress. Maybe you have decided to take an apartment downtown, and you are confused on which apartment to opt for, you can use the Houston Apartment Locator to search for Downtown apartments.

It is not easy to get a new job; immediately you are out of college. You may have gotten one, or moved from your old neighborhood because of one reason or the other, and you can’t wait to get your life started here. You have dreams for the new city, but it seems the next apartment search is really draining every ounce of energy from you. There are a lot of parts to look for, and different types of apartments available. You are thinking of checking Craig’s List, but you are scared that you may fall into the hands of a sleazy person, what then can you do? You think of getting an agent to search for an apartment for you, but you are scared of the exorbitant fees that may follow.

You are in luck. All you have to do is make use of Next Apartment Search’s Apartment Locator, type in the location that you want an apartment in, and you are good to go. You will see a listing of different apartments of different kinds. Click on the ones you fancy, and the reviews from past tenants will come up, as well as details about the landlord and management company. You can decide to carry out your individual research. We advise that you do such.

Now that you have seen the apartment that you are looking for, it is important that you ask the landlord some important questions. It will be your new home if you append your signature on the lease; hence it is important that you are comfortable throughout your stay. It’s your right.

1. The Rent: What’s Included in it?

You should never forget to ask this question. It is important. You have to know if the rent covers the sewer, trash removal or water fees? Will you have to extra amount monthly for one thing or the other? Does the apartment have a base rate fee for light, or water for every apartment, monthly?
Will the amount that you will be expected to pay monthly be little like $16, or more? What type of utilities will you pay for monthly? Will you pay for electricity, gas, and so on? How much do they cost on an average basis? Paying the rent only is not the only angle to renting an apartment, you have to know if you will be expected to pay bills monthly.

2. How Old is the Building?

If you didn’t have the time to research on the building online, you could ask the landlord this. You may wonder why this is important.

Imagine moving to a new apartment, and realizing that it is old with a lot of leaks, and squeaks. You then begin to wonder what on earth made you make a payment on such an apartment. Not all old apartments are bad, especially when renovations are being done on it regularly. You have to find out if any renovations were done on it earlier, or if there is a plan to do it in the nearest future.

3. What is the Pet Policy?

It doesn’t matter if you like pets or not, ask the question. Some apartments are known to chip in an extra amount to their rents for pets, whether you have a pet or not. If you don’t have a pet, this is a great way to reduce your rent by some bucks. In some apartments, if you have a pet, you are expected to make additional monthly fees. You have to know if your apartment building allows pets or not. Some do, some don’t. If you have pets and you sign a lease on a building that doesn’t allow pets, you may land yourself in a tricky situation. Another question you should inquire about is the dog breed restrictions in the building. Some buildings do not allow some breeds of dogs in their apartment. If you are not planning to have any pet, this may not bother you so much.

4. Is There an Option to Break My Lease?

It’s funny that people don’t ask this question, and when they want to leave, they are told that the option of breaking a lease doesn’t exist. They are left confused, wondering. You may nurse the plan to buy a house soon, and you don’t know how long it will take, it is important that you rent a Houston apartment or apartment in that location, that allows you to break your lease. If you don’t know how long your job will last for, this option has to be made available to you. Ask the landlord. It is of great importance that you ask if you can break your lease, or search for a sublet.
There are a lot of apartments that do not permit you to break the lease. You are then left with searching for a sublet. There are some apartments that can give you a short period lease option, but you will be made to make an extra fee. It is important that you ask questions and gets answers if you know that staying for your whole 12-month lease to expire won’t be possible.

5. What is Covered Under a Maintenance Request & Is There an Emergency Maintenance Line?

When you have a problem in your apartment, is there an emergency maintenance line to call to have it fixed immediately? What kind of maintenance should you expect as a tenant, without you having to pay a dime? As a tenant, what should your expectations be?
Will you be expected to change the lightbulbs, or will maintenance get to do it for you? If there is a great leak in your apartment on a Sunday night, can you call maintenance to come fix it for you? What number can you call them with?


How To Save Money On Your Move

So, you have decided to move out of your present apartment in Houston to another better one that offers more comfort. Well, that is a very good idea, but moving can consume a whole lot of energy, money, stress, and time. So, if you are not exactly really boxed up with cash at the time you are moving, budgeting how much your move will cost is a must!

Estimating The Cost Of Your Move And Understanding Our Movers Charge

Most movers charge per hour, so the best thing to do in order to pay less is to maximize your time with them properly. Be organized and ensure that every item has been packed before their arrival. Also, if there are some items that won’t fit out the door, dissemble them before the movers arrive so as to prevent wasting more time with that.
Also, another thing you will need to account for I order to prevent your moving fee from increasing is…traffic. The time to travel from your old apartment in Houston to the new one will also be included when analyzing the moving fees, so it is advisable to ensure that your movers are not coming at the rush hour when everyone is going to or coming from work/school.

Most moving companies also offer packing services too. So they will come to your place earlier, pack all your things in different boxes, move the boxes into their truck, and then move the boxes to your new apartment. Some can even help you to unpack the boxes when you get to the new apartment, all of which comes with a fee of course! But since you’re probably here because trying to save money on your move, then continue reading.

Easy Ways To Save Money On Your Move

It is very easy for the cost of moving to increase quickly. Fortunately, there are still some few ways you can prevent it from increasing, and also save money.

• Schedule Your Moving To Be On A Weekday
Many moving companies usually charge less during the weekdays, because there isn’t always much demands as many people are already in their place of work. So, if you will be moving on a weekday, you already know you are sacrificing a day off work for the move, but it will help you save money of course. So, engage the moving companies around you and decide the one that will work best for you.

•Move When It Is The Off-Peak Times Of The Year
Things are always more costly during the peak times of the year. The season usually starts from May through September, the weather is always warm, and the children are usually out of school by then too. So try to move outside of these months, and see how much you’ll save!

• Get Free Boxes
Although boxes are not usually expensive and they are definitely something you can afford, remember that you are trying to save money and every single penny counts. So you can try to get free boxes from local stores around you, all you have to do is to just ask. Typically grocery stores, drug stores, and liquor stores are always a good bet when it comes to getting free moving boxes.

• Put A Tag On Everything
If you packed your things well, and then properly labeled all your boxes with a tag, then your movers won’t have any trouble whatsoever when they get to the new location. They will find it easy to place the boxes in the room they belong without wasting time.
So when packing ensure you put a tag on the box, which should have the contents of the box, and the room it should be kept boldly written on it. It is also very wise to put the tags on both sides of the boxes, so the movers can find it easily and won’t have to start calling you.

• Get Quotes From Different Quality Companies
When you have different moving companies competing to get you as their customer, then you are halfway there!
So call around multiple moving companies, detail your move, and let them know you are price hunting so they can give you a good price. Then request that for an estimate to be sent to your email, so you can compare with other estimates gotten from other companies, and also be able to tell the companies what their competitors are offering.
However, ensure you called pro movers that you are sure of their services, and will also stand behind their services if anything bad happens during the move.

• Reduce The Amount Of Load You Are Moving
Reducing extra loads from the load you are moving will also help you to cut down on the moving costs. Movers charge you based on the weight of the loads, and the amount of time it took them to get the load moved. So the more loads you have, the more it weighs, and the more time it takes before they can be moved. Any item you don’t need can be given to charitable organizations, and you will even get a tax write off on the item. Also, it is often wise and more cost-effective to re-purchase some items than actually moving them. So, if there are some loads you don’t need anymore, get rid of them.

• Pack Your Loads Yourself
Although packing all by yourself can be really time and energy-consuming, it can really help you to cut down on extra costs. Also, if you do not want to pack the loads yourself, throw a packing party with your friends! It’s only going to cost you pizza and a few drinks.

• Do It Yourself
Your two hands and your two legs are in the perfect working condition, which is a great tool needed for a DIY moving project. So why hire people when you can do it yourself?
So rent a good truck, tell a few other friends to come over ( you already know you’re going to bribe them with food), and you are good to move your things!

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