Best Food Delivery Apps When Hungry at Home

Imagine being stuck at home in your pajamas with nothing to eat in your fridge. The good news is that you no longer get to go for pizza delivery services only. You can get food delivered to you at home with just some app clicks and in record time. If you have not begun to explore a wide range of cuisines offered by delivery apps, then you’re missing a lot.
As much as these food delivery apps limit human contact, they provide more opportunities to explore new outlets and foods. All you have to do is just punch in your location to see numerous restaurants near your home that you can patronize without having to leave your bed. At, we have put together premium food delivery apps for you to get the best of cuisines straight to your house.

This app has a name that truly fits its service. The app provides you with various menus from restaurants numbering in thousands plus you get in-app discounts, forfeited delivery fees, and also lets you place an order using just some taps. Seamless is present in over 600 US cities. You do not have to pay a fee to make use of this app, but sometimes, you’ll find order minimums.

All you have to do is key in your location to let this app show you every restaurant in your locality. You can run searches by cuisine or by an item which lessens the hassle of finding your choice meal. With GrubHub, it is possible for you to save your delivery locations to quicken the process of ordering. You will find GrubHub in over 900 US cities. You don’t have to pay a fee to use the app but few restaurants have a limited order amount candy could charge fees for delivery.

Although this app does not have the same outreach as the likes of GrubHub, it also comes with unique features like a scoring system called DoorDash Delight. This system makes use of things like the quality of food, the popularity of the restaurant, the delivery time, as well as, your satisfaction to make recommendations about the best restaurant for you. DoorDash serves dozens of cities which include Atlanta, Seattle, NY, Chicago, and more. Fees are dependent on the restaurant, and prices comprise the food cost, tax, delivery fees, and also a tip which is optional. You may also pay additional service fees for some restaurant.

A lot of people who have dealt with Uber in the past as a safe driving service will easily trust UberEats to deliver them sandwiches. UberEats is a delivery app which is available in cities like Amsterdam, Austin, and in places like Singapore, Portland, Baltimore, and more all over the globe. The UberEats application shares similarities with the Uber app in terms of delivery time and transactions. You will be charged $5 as a delivery fee when you use the app.

This app is kind of different from the regular food delivery apps mentioned above. With Postmates, you don’t just get only food. Postmates can pick up virtually anything and have it delivered to your doorstep, even if it is alcohol. Postmates does not partner with any restaurant, and the only factor which limits you is your location. The app is available in over 90 US cities. Whenever you make an order, you pay a fee, and when delivery times are at their peak, you may get additional pricing fees. You can also get unlimited services monthly for $10 when you make orders in excess of $25.

This is another delivery app which is not just all about menus. As well as ordering food, you can get groceries, wine, and even have your laundry done with The app will not charge you for having its service but will make their own money by collection a percentage from your subtotal. is available in major US cities. While its app is free, you may get charged by restaurants a fee for delivery and also find that there is an order minimum.

Yelp Eat 24 offers the best review systems. Although all delivery services basically have a way of rating for customers, Yelp Eat 24 has a more robust system. Yelp is founded on many years of reviewing restaurants and may have an edge in the delivery apps competition. If you’ve ever trusted the reviews on Yelp when choosing a restaurant, you can as well trust Yelp to deliver food to you. Yelp is available in over 1500 US cities. Using the Yelp app is free, but restaurants could charge you a fee for delivery, and we as offer a minimum on orders.

One advantage of making use of delivery food apps is that you can conduct cashless transactions. Some of these apps let you make payments using credit cards, as well as, PayPal and more. However, Foodler also accepts payments in cryptocurrency and also Foodler Bucks. You can also get to access a rewards program that is built into the app to enable you to earn some free food. Foodler serves over 4000 United States cities. You do not have to pay to use the app, but restaurants could bill you for delivery.

goPuff can be likened to a virtual convenience store, unlike other food delivery apps which seem to operate like middlemen. With goPuff, you can get even chargers, tissue for the bathroom, beverages, vaporizers, and more. Simply go through its rich database to see all the items in its collection. goPuff presently serves cities like Philadelphia, NY, Washington, Chicago, Denver, and many locations in the US. goPuff is looking to expand its services soon. You do not have to pay to use this application, but you will be charged a $2 delivery fee if you reside in their 30-minute delivery zone. You will get free deliveries for orders above $49.

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