Houston Neighborhoods for Singles

Top Houston Neighborhoods for Singles

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As a single person, you may want to live in a part of Houston that will be conducive for you. You may not want to come out to your terrace, and see kids, throwing stones there. You may want an apartment building that will not have kids running down the stairs or shrieking at odd hours.

The truth will remain that, in some conservative neighborhoods, those that are single are given the side eyes and demeaning stares. No one wants that; hence you may want a neighborhood that you can live your life the way you want.

Below are great neighborhoods for single persons that want to live in Houston.

1. Montrose

When going on your next apartment search as a single person in Houston, you should consider Montrose.
As a single person, you may want quietness, a place, where you can easily take walks, and maybe bump into an interesting person. Before one can say, ‘Jack Robinson,’ the love affair has blossomed to the extent that both of you can’t do without each other.

Montrose is the perfect place to meet one’s lover, as opposed to other parts.
There is an area in Montrose that is loved by a lot of people both single and married; it is Lower Westheimer.
This area has the best of every world, as you can promenade the street, taking in the intriguing view.
Want to dine in the best restaurants that Houston has to offer? Lower Westheimer can offer this, with its state of the art restaurants that can leave one’s taste buds satisfied. One of the many is Max’s Wine Dive and Snooze.
Want a cup of coffee of any type that will hit your palate and your brain? Blacksmith will leave you rejuvenated and satisfied.
At night, the world becomes clearer, and you can party all night at one of the finest bars around. When you meet your boo, you can decide to experience any of the following.
The fun part of this neighborhood is that finding any type of apartment is possible. Whatever type of home can be found in Montrose, Houston. It could be normal bungalows, the eccentric types to even high-rise homes.

2. Museum District

This may sound like a scene from a romantic comedy, what if we told you it can replay in real life and has replayed in a lot of people’s lives?

Imagine, strolling through a museum, admiring different pieces of heart. Your heart swells with glee, as your eyes are fed with the intriguing art pieces. You decide to stop at a piece, totally absorbed by it. At that moment, you barely know that someone else is next to you engrossed by the same piece. When you bump into each other, both of you start laughing. It heralds a beginning of your romantic story.

Museum Park and the beautiful Museum in it has brought a lot of romantic affairs together that blossomed into something divine. This neighborhood is loved by a lot of singles, taking the form of a neighborhood linked with romance.
Throughout the year, Museum Park, Houston boasts of festivals, with a myriad of art galleries and museums.
Where did you think it got its name from?
It has great proximity to Texas Medical Center and Rice University. Wouldn’t you term the area a great place to play, work and live?

3. Midtown

Midtown tick all the boxes of having intriguing activities that would interest a single person. The place is lively, with gorgeous apartments of numerous kinds.
Whatever modern apartment that you can ever find is found in this area. Is that all? No!
Midtown is filled with a lot of young professionals from all walks of life, meaning that you can easily meet up the perfect Romeo or Juliet, with the right job or financial status. Its live music is one intriguing aspect of Midtown that a lot of people, as well as its tasty restaurants that are capable of giving one’s taste buds the time of their lives.
Want a place for a perfect date night? Midtown will offer you numerous places. This area is known as one of the most popular places in Houston because it is close to downtown, and the intriguing and top notch Midtown Park, which houses both a dog park and playground.
One would think that an interesting and loving place like Midtown will break the bank when rent is concerned, but on the other hand, it doesn’t. Give it a try.

Upper Kirby

A decade ago, Upper Kirby may not have been noticed, but times have changed. This area is a very trendy place and has gotten its groove on because of massive redevelopment effort undergone by the multi-use West Ave.

When it comes to great meals, you can access them in Upper Kirby. Getting an apartment in Upper Kirby, Houston with the NextApartmentSearch’s Apartment Locator can get you a great apartment that lets you have access to great meals in intriguing eateries like Oporto Cafe. While there, you may be lucky, your lover may be hanging behind a table, eating alone.

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