Why Live in Houston!!

Houston is known to have one of the growing and diverse populations, and people around the world relocate to Houston every year to take advantage of the Plenty opportunities that Houston has to offer.

In case you are still contemplating about living in Houston, because you are not sure Houston is a hot cake like you read, we have come up with some reasons why you should live.

Tips Reasons Why You Should Live In Houston

• Cost Of Living

People living in Houston wake up to enjoy the perks of living in a big city without actually paying for it with a heavy price tag. Among the twenty most populous metropolitan areas in the nation, Houston was ranked as the fifth city with the lowest cost of living.

• Housing

This is another major benefit people derive from living in Houston. Apartments in Houston are diverse and also affordable, there is a wide variety of housing options for everyone, and the best of it all is the right price that comes with the Houston apartments.

Houston’s overall taxes are also twenty-three percent lower than the average taxes collected in large urban areas, and this is largely because of the affordable housing costs in Houston.

Also, trying to figure out where to live in Houston is quite easy. There are lots of places to choose from, it all depends on your taste.

Best Houston Neighborhoods:

– Midtown/Heights: this Houston neighborhood is the best choice for you if you are the type that loves going out to a pub or an eclectic wine bar after a long day at work.

– Cypress: this is actually one of the hottest areas in Houston at the moment. There are many new developments, beautiful trees, and it also houses one of the best-ranked school districts in Texas.

– East Downtown: this neighborhood is very urban, but it used to be filled with Vietnamese and Chinese immigrants who have now resettled to another place now. Leaving many buildings and businesses vacant. However, some savvy developers are now revitalizing the neighborhood now.

– Katy: This area has one of the most affordable housing in Houston. It is home to nearly 16,000 people, and more people continue to discover the area every day, and more restaurants and entertainment are being built. So, grab your own opportunity before the area becomes over saturated.

– Other popular areas in Houston are; Atascocita, Baytown, Bellaire, Channelview, Clear Lake, downtown Houston, Montrose, Pearland, Spring, and many more.
No matter what your wallet looks like, there is always an apartment for rent in Houston for you.

• You Can Buy a House with a Modest Income

Houston is so large, so it has many options to offer when it comes to buying apartments in Houston. With the help of an expert and experienced realtor, you will find an apartment in Houston based on your budget.

• The Job Market in Houston Is Booming

The job market in Houston has been rapidly expanding over the last decade, and this has gotten many heads turned into the direction of the city. Houston also has loose zoning laws, so many people and businesses find it easy to open different shops, offices, and branches across Houston. This is apparently the reason many leading companies in the nation have their headquarters situated in Houston.

• There Are Tons of Things to Do In Houston

Life in Houston is a perfect blend of the old Texas traditions and a modern city lifestyle. Which makes Houston a great place to live because there are various places you can go to, and many things to see that you probably won’t find in other cities.

Event for All Ages

• Museum District: you won’t need a car before you can navigate easily around the museum. You can walk up to different sections and check out different unique things at the museum.

• Theater District: This particular lifestyle section has been revitalized many times over the past years. It provides the residents easy access to incredible and wonderful shows.

• The Galleria: if you do not think a mall can be a fun place or an attraction, the Galleria in Houston will prove you wrong. This Galleria welcomes more than 30 million visitors every year, and it has over 400 stores and restaurants, so there is much to do.

• Underground Tunnel Tour: Houston does not have a large subway system, but it houses the largest pedestrian tunnel in the world. So you can take a tour and enjoy the beautiful view of these pedestrian tunnels, and how they came to be.

Kids and Adult Activities

• Houston Zoo: this zoo has over 6,000 animals and insects that are kept permanently on display for people to see. So there is a lot for the kids to see!

• Downtown Aquarium: underwater adventure and different fishes are not the only things present in this aquarium. The kids get to see the Houston skyline from their awesome Ferris wheel and also visit the white tiger exhibit.

There are many more things to enjoy in Houston, but only a few can be discussed here, nothing can match experiencing them yourself.

• Healthcare
When one of the family needs good healthcare, there is no better place to get that than in Houston. The metro area in Houston has always been known for its top-notch health system, and many Houston area hospitals have been consistently ranked among the nation’s top hospitals.

An example is The Texas Medical center which is ranked the best medical center in the world.

• Restaurants

Houston offers a wide range of restaurants that offer different foods and dishes that can satisfy even the picky eaters. With over 10,000 restaurants and over 60 cuisines, Houston’s world-class restaurants offer the best.

• Sports and other activities.

Top Sports in the Houston Area:

Houston Astros
Houston Texans
Houston Dynamo

Houston is widely known as a sports town. If you have never experienced Houston’s outdoor rodeo, then make sure you check out The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo that takes place every spring. It is one of the largest in the globe!

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